Zeitgeist Womens Group Meeting

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12pm - 2pm PDT Sunday, October 28 2018
Teamspeak 3
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Parker on Mar 30, 2011

Some of the Movements female members have decided to get together once a month to chat, share ideas, and create ways in which to make the ideas of TVP/TZM seem more appealing to women.They offer a friendly environment that actively seeks solutions as to why there aren't more women involved with the Movement.

"The meetings are anywhere from around an hour and a half to three hours long and for the first 90 minutes we ask any gentlemen present to use just the text chat so that women can speak freely. One of the biggest problems that we have in TS is that being so predominantly male, women are often too shy to speak up in regular meetings and they find it a huge relief to be able to so in ours. After those first 90 minutes the mic is then open for everyone. We find the men who come very supportive and they give us many offers of help in the various ways they can.

As we now have women of different nationalities the idea has been presented that we use the channel for different languages on different nights, still having the english speaking meetings as a general get together for all of us, and those from other language countries can then take back the info to share with their own chapters.

One of the ideas that we have been talking about for some time now, and which has been rather hard to put together as yet because of the just once a month meetings, is to make a video, or videos, focused for women. The scientific image TZM has is unfortunately somewhat off putting to many women and we feel that we can help overcome this by changing the style of videos made and giving them a more feminine approach. There is a collaborative document in progress on the FB page."


Zeitgeist Women Facebook Group

Zeitgeist Women Meeting Recording



For instructions on downloading and running Teamspeak 3 visit: http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=629&Itemid=100092



What is Teamspeak?

Teamspeak is software that allows people to connect via voice and text chat. So it allows people to hold meetings, conversations, etc. via the internet even if everyone is in a different physical area. For example, the Global Zeitgeist Movement hosts bi-monthly teamspeak meetings for the US Coordinators. In these meetings all of the different State Chapter Coordinators (and anyone else interested in listening in) will communicate with each other, sharing information and plans, etc. The CA State Coordinator hosts bi-monthly teamspeak meetings for all of the Sub-chapters (like Monterey, San Francisco, LA, etc) as well. It keeps the Chapter Coordinators up to date with news and other relevant information.

The nice thing about teamspeak is the the software is free to download and use. The Global Movement pays for, and maintains a dedicated server for all movement members to use as they see fit. They only ask that Chapter meetings aren't interrupted until the agenda has been covered to allow for quicker meetings (There is always time allotted at the end of meetings for non-agenda conversations), and that rooms created for temporary use are removed to keep the channel list uncluttered.


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