Zeitgeist Films on Netflix!

The 3 Zeitgeist films produced by Peter Joseph are now available on Netflix, the popular mail DVD rental service. With enough support these films may also become available for HD streaming.

If you happen to have an account - Commenting on these films, adding them to your Queue and Rating them would help increase attention to the works via Netflix's placement protocols, and help intentions for HD Streaming.

The goal is to bring attention to the Film Series listed there so it can go viral with what is a largely untapped mainstream commercial audience.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward:

Zeitgeist Addendum:

Zeitgeist The Movie:


Also please consider sharing this information with your friends on your social media accounts as some people would prefer to watch these film on DVD as opposed to on youtube. Thanks guys.

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Yes the first zeitgeist is on Netflix no need to rent the first one is available on the website

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